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Moonlight Starter and Generator was first established by Floyd Olinger in 1972.  The company got its name because Floyd Olinger used to work a regular nine to five.  After work, he used to work on starters, alternators, and Generators in the wee hours of the night that’s how the name “Moonlight Starter” was born.  However, around 2015 the company was purchased from Floyd Olinger by John Sutton and Lynette Ogle and maintains its roots of rebuilding Alternator, starters, Generators, Motors, and Drive Shafts.   John Sutton is an English man who was born and raised in London, United Kingdom.  He used to race professionally and has a love for cars.  He is an expert when it comes to cars and loves rebuilding anything car.   Today, Moonlight maintains that excellent standard in Kissimmee. We are a long-established alternator rebuild company.  The business is located at 5255 BTC Place, Avenue A, Kissimmee, Fl 34758.

   Moonlight Starter and Generator is an established company that specialized in rebuilding all types of starters, all types of alternators, generators, and all types of electric motors in KISSIMMEE for over 40 years.  Moonlight Starter and Generator specializes in rebuilding automotive, farm, fleet, industrial, and marine alternators, starters and generators, pumps, and DC drive motors.  When it comes to rebuilding, we are reliable and dependent; there is no need to look further.  We have a highly specialized trained staff to meet your needs.  We use industry standards materials to rebuild your alternators, starters, pumps, drive motors, and generators.  Moonlight starters and generators only use new products from our suppliers.

We take great pride in providing our customers with the best possible quality at affordable prices.  We have a strong dedicated team who will take care of your needs with integrity and the highest competence.

John Sutton- CEO

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Auto Technican

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We are located behind Mc' Clain right off of Poinciana Blvd

From 192

Turn Left onto W. Vine Street

Turn left onto N. Hoagland BLVD

Turn left onto Jack Calhoun

Turn left onto Old Tampa Hwy

Turn left onto S. Poinciana Blvd

From Pleasant Hill

Turn right onto Reaves Rd

Turn right onto S.Poinciana Blvd

Turn left onto Robert McLane Blvd

Turn left onto Avenue A

Turn right onto BTC Pl

The destination is on your right. 

Reach us at:

Moonlight Starter and Generator

5255 BTC Place, Avenue A

Kissimmee, FL 34758


p: (407) 846-7045

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